Insulated Patio Covers

Aluminum Specialties Manufacturing, Inc, offers many types of insulated patio covers. Having been in business since 1964, we have the expertise to help you custom design your outdoor patio area and decipher through the many choices of roof colors.

We can build insulated patio covers (insulated roof systems) that provide protection from the sun and create better shade. It's the perfect addition to any home.

  • 3" Laminated Styrofoam between two pieces of aluminum
  • Flat surface w/Extruded aluminum trim and fascia
  • Low maintenance and rust free (high-gloss enamel finish)
  • Easy to clean with a garden hose or pressure washer
  • Wind rating of 120 mph, can be engineered for 150 mph

Roof Style & Colors

Aluminum Specialties Manufacturing • Insulated Patio Covers

1# high dense foam, option for 2#

sealant reservoir

.024 aluminum skin, .032 available

1.5" x 3" aluminum beam for fan or light fixture


Aluminum or wood posts available.
Gutter, downspout, and beam for fan or light fixture available.

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